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Josh Hutcherson Tickle

Josh had just got back from an audition and sat down on the couch. He put his feet up on the table and turned on the TV. He got bored and went into the kitchen to get a drink. Today was really hot and he was sweating already. And he was only wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.  He got a glass of cold water and lay down on the couch, head on one side, feet on the other. Suddenly, metal arms came out from the couch and grabbed his wrists and ankles, holding him down.

'What? What's happening?' he asked himself. His question was answered when a red headed fan walked in. 'What's going on?' Josh asked the fan. The fan smiled.

'I'm Brittney. And I wanted to meet you.' Brittney said, smiling. 'But I thought I could get more.' she continued.

'Let me go!' Josh said as he struggled against the arms. 'And what do you mean, 'getting more'?' Josh asked. Brittney walked over to him, looming over him as she looked down.

'This.' she said as she lifted up Josh's shirt. She started to drag her nails up and down his stomach.

'St-ha-op. What a-ahaha-re you doing?' Josh said between giggles, still trying to get free from the bonds.

'I told you I wanted more.' Brittney replied. She then dug into Josh's sides, making him arch his back and burst into laughter.

'Hahahahahaha. Please ahahahaha stop it. Hahahaha.' Josh begged. Brittney stopped for a minute, letting him catch his breath. She pressed a button on a remote she had and the arms moved, putting Josh's arms above his head. Brittney then took out an electric toothbrush, and turned it on.

'Wait. What are you doing?' Josh asked fearfully. Brittney answered his question by putting the toothbrush to his hairy and sweaty armpits. Josh burst into laughter again.

'Hahahahahahaha. No! Not my hahahahaha armpits! Hahahahah.' Josh screamed, thrashing about on the couch. Brittney put down the toothbrush and moved down to his feet. She slowly took off Josh's left flip-flop and threw it onto the floor. Josh's eyes went wide with fear.

'No. Please, don't. You can stop now.' Josh pleaded, but it was no use. Brittney dragged her nails up his sole, making Josh burst into laughter and curl his toes. It didn't matter to Brittney because she just went to the top of Josh's foot. She then took off his other flip-flop and started tickling that one as well.

'Hahahahaha. No! Stop! Please stop! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!' he yelled. Brittney stopped tickling his feet to go get two drills. The drills each had thick, strong bristles on them, She turned on the drills and set them to his feet. Josh went into hysterics.

'HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PLEASE STOP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' Josh screamed as he thrashed about on the couch. Brittney climbed onto his thighs, and pulled down his shorts. His black boxers were the only thing left that was covering his penis. She reached down and started rubbing it through the fabric.

'HAHAHAHA-OH-HAHAHAHAHA-AH-HAHAHA.' Josh laughed with the occasional moan.

After a few minutes of this, Josh had an erection. Brittney pulled down his boxers and his erection sprung free. She dangled her hair above it and started swaying her head from side to side. Her hair danced around his erection, causing him to moan even more.

'Hahaha-ohh-haha-ah-hahahaha-oh.' Josh writhed in agony, both from getting his feet tickled by drills, but also of having his cock tickled by Brittney's hair. It tickled but it also felt so good. Brittney then started spidering her nails all over his erect cock. This made Josh forget about his feet getting tickled, and concentrated on his soon to come orgasm.

'Ah. Oh, yeah. Mmmm. Oh god.' Josh moaned.

Brittney tickled his cock for a few more minutes before Josh finally had an orgasm. Brittney got another drill, this time with feathers, and positioned it above his cock. She turned in onto full power, done the same with the drills on his feet, then left. Someone would find him like this. But by that time, he will have had many orgasms caused by the drill.
Just a short one this time. Josh gets tickled by a crazy fan and gets more than he expects. Leave comments and reviews below. Thanks!
tigerlova11 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014
Do you do requests for tickling the person who asked cause I have a very tickilish crotch 
holster262 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013  Student
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