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Justin Bieber Tickle

Justin had just gotten backstage from a concert and was heading towards his dressing room. He entered the room and put up a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door, and locked it. He went to pour himself a glass of juice when he saw a figure standing in the corner.

'Hello?' he said, approaching the figure. They were dressed in a black robe that reached down to their feet. Justin was face to face. The figure-in one swift movement- brought down his hand and into Justin's neck. Justin crumpled to the floor, unconscious.

He awoke to find himself tied to a chair. His hands were tied behind him and his feet were tied to the legs of the chair. He looked around and saw that the security cameras had been ripped out.

'Hello?' he shouted. 'Hello? Someone, please help!' He struggled against the ropes but it was useless. The figure walked through the dressing room door.

'It's no use, Justin. Everybody went home. I told them you were tired and decided to head home early.' the figure said in a deep voice. 'Now, it's time to have some fun.' The figure grabbed a cloth from the dressing room table and shoved it in Justin's mouth, taping it in place. Justin tried to struggle against it again but it still wouldn't work.

The figure grabbed a pair of scissors and cut Justin's shirt off. Justin tried to wriggle but then realised that it was a bad idea with a pair of scissors close to his chest. The figure took off the remains of Justin's shirt and dumped it on the floor. He reached down to Justin's sides and started digging in, making Justin buck and burst into laughter. The figure then moved his hands up to Justin's nipples, flicking and tweaking them. Justin went into full laughter mode, his laugh reaching to all corners of the world.

The figure then continued up and started lightly tickling his neck and collarbone. Justin wasn't as ticklish there but it still caused him to roll his head to block the figure's hand. It didn't work and the figure managed to get all around his neck. He then moved his hands down and into Justin's armpits. He swirled his fingers all over Justin's sweaty underarms. Justin was in hysterics again, trying to squirm free. The figure then started dug right into them, making Justin close his arms to try to stop the assault.

After a few minutes, the figure tipped Justin's chair over so his feet were in the air. He untied the laces on Justin's high-tops, ignoring Justin's protests. He grabbed one of the shoes by the heel and slowly removed it from Justin's foot. Justin wiggled his toes at the exposed air and the figure saw this as an invitation. He slowly dragged his finger up Justin's sole to start with, picking up speed each time. After a few minutes, he started to spider his fingers all over Justin's foot. Justin tried to wriggle his foot away but it was no good. The figure then grabbed Justin's other shoe and took that one off too. He then grabbed the toe of Justin's socks and pulled them off in one swift motion. Justin started thrashing about on the chair. The figure then set up a feather device, so that whenever he pulled on a bit of rope, the feather dusters would swing across Justin's feet. He then grabbed another chair and sat on it, facing Justin's feet. He grabbed a single feather on a strong, metal wire and pushed it up Justin's leg. It reached up Justin's ankles, past his thighs and to his crotch. The figure then started turning the wire, causing the feather to rub against his cock and balls.

Justin went into hysterics, thrashing about on the chair. The figure tied the bit of rope around his shoe, and tapped his foot rhythmically whilst tickling Justin's privates with the feather. Justin was in tickle hell.

After a few minutes, Justin had an erection. The figure kept twisting the feather and tapping his foot, so Justin was getting turned on but having his ever so smooth feet tickled at the same time. Justin started moaning, quietly at first, then louder. The figure would stop periodically, just to tease Justin. Justin would then beg, muffled through the gag, for the figure to resume. After a minutes, the figure would then start twisting the feather.

Justin was ready for orgasm. He begged for something stronger, and the figure caught on. He walked over to Justin, the feather dusters tickling his feet with every step, and pulled Justin's jeans and boxers down as far as he could. Justin was panting in sexual agony now, desperate for the figure to continue the crotch tickling. The figure brought out another feather duster and started swirling it about Justin's erect cock and balls. Justin started laughing again, but a sexual laugh. It soon turned to moans as the figure sped up. Justin was thrusting his crotch towards the figure as he had an orgasm to the feeling of feathers on his erection and his feet being tickled. He started panting, now tired from the tickling. The figure tipped the chair upright, but left Justin's boxers and jeans down. He set up a timer that would sway the feathers above Justin's cock and balls every second. He left the room, leaving Justin in tickle hell once again...
Thought I would go with a different celebrity. Leave comments and reviews below. Thanks!
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holster262 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Student
Loving it, could I possibly make a request, cos this type of writing is just wow :D
zp92 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
as soon as I saw the title i said "nope"
socialdisordered Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
love it.
CelebsTickle Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
Thanks :)
aloynna Featured By Owner Edited Sep 2, 2014  Student General Artist
hey im trying not to be mean but how come some  of your stories are pervy? MEOWEYES 
FranciscoNoelRF Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Student Artist
Greyson Chance
Fanfiction4life Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
omg this is like tickle rape bieber style XD
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